The Better To Brew You With

ModCloth.com is my new favorite online shopping experience. They have clothing, accessories, shoes and home decor. They also have a vintage section where they carry unique, authentic vintage pieces. They add at least one piece per day according to the website. Another bonus: $7 shipping!

Now, if I could only find that trust fund...

I will leave the fashion reporting to my brother, Morgan, that's his field of expertise. I will however share a few of my favorite things from the decor section, but you really have to look for yourself. There are tons of items and there's no way I could do it justice with my few picks.

Mod Cloth Decor Quick Picks
  • The Better To Brew You With Teacup - $30
  • I Am Not a Paper Cup - $20
  • One Tough Chick Wall Hooks - $20
  • Feed the Birds Kitchen Towel - $14
  • Kawaii Bacon Air Freshener - $2.99 (don't try to lie that you wouldn't love the smell of bacon when you get in your car, I don't believe you)
  • Better Than Beauty: A Guide To Charm - $16
  • I Am Not a Paper Towel - $14
  • St. Petersburg Pillow - $28
  • Telegraph Hill Pillow - $25
  • Bear Bottle Opener - $14
So, have you gone to the site yet? Why not? Go now. Click now.

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