I'm So Hot

Getting ready for a baby and just being pregnant in general opens yours eyes to some things. For some people these are beautiful, flowering, amazing things. For others it just brings forward with a severity the things that really piss you off. The things that can literally set you on fire right there in the middle of the kitchen because you are simply loading the silverware basket but the fucking fork will not go in and bounces out and of course falls through the wire drawer and when you try to move it the fork catches it so it won't budge and you are left there a flaming mess and then you realize that you have to pee and your head explodes.

We won't even have to use our heater this winter.

We spent Sunday getting our bedroom ready because that is where this baby will be sleeping. There's a nook in our room that is the exact width of the crib so it works out. Our closet was a mess and now that we have to share it with a baby that already has more clothing than Paris Hilton we had to get it in order. Did I mention that Joe also has more clothing than Paris Hilton. Like father, like son. We finally got it done and it looks pretty good, we just have to be careful what we bump into or the whole thing could implode.

Now that Joe is not working on the slope I have to get used to him being around. Home. All. Of. The. Time. It's great, I'm happy that he's going to be home and not miss holiday's and birthday's. It just takes some getting used to. Especially now that I'm in that nesting phase and a person really can't "nest" properly when her husband is hovering and asking if she still wants this notebook, this notebook here in the trash, do you want this trash notebook, the one here that is in the trash?

I love you my dear, sweet  husband. Welcome home.

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