Unrealistically Calm

Sitting in the doctor's office today for my 78th prenatal appointment I found myself studying the wall of brochures and pamphlets. Educational resources regarding birth control, postpartum depression and of course the clap.

Something that caught my eye was the calm faces on all of the covers. The calm face on the cover of the episiotomy brochure. The calm face on the cover of the what happens past 40 weeks brochure. The calm face on the cover of the herpes brochure.

I have decided that it is high time to start being honest on the covers of these pamphlets. If not for my own entertainment, then at least to scare the shit out of some people.

Coming soon to a doctor's office near you:

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I love it when you say things to me that reinforce me positively. So...carry on then, do that thing. Lastly, capital hat!