A Simple Person

Each night at bedtime I crawl into bed with Madison and read her a book (or three). Afterwards she likes me to stay with her and talk. "Because I like you so much Momma." I do realize that this stage will not last and will turn into, "Don't talk to me or look at me like you know me when we are in public, got it lady?".
Well, these nighttime chats often times lead to the best pieces of dialog that I have ever had the pleasure of participating in.

Me: "Okay, I'm going to bed now."

Madison: "Momma? If someone was in my room would you come down here?"

Me: "Who would be in your room?"

Madison: "Just someone."

Me: "But who is it, why are they in your room?"

Madison: "Just somebody, you know, somebody in my room."

Me: "Who? Like a bad guy?"

Madison: "Just a person! A simple person!" (slaps her forehead in exasperation)

Me: "Sure, I'll come down. You let me know."

Madison: "Okay, good night Momma."

Now, I know that I drug this one out, but I knew if I kept it going she would give me something. That something was her fear that a simple person may one day wander into her room. A simple person!

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