Scaring Small Children, Just a Hobby of Mine

Last night I attended the premiere of a trailer for a movie that I will have a small part in. Yes, the trailer. We shot the trailer first in order to shop the movie around for funding. The movie is called Proper Binge and it is going to be awesome, in case you were wondering. Dean Mitchell and Mike Burns wrote and will direct/produce it and you couldn't ask for a better couple of guys to work with, the rest of the cast and crew are fantastic too. My brother, Morgan, who did the special effects make up for the trailer and my friend Dana, who also has a small part attended the event with me.
I know what you are thinking. "Wow, an 'event', how fancy!" Yes, so fancy. The event took place in Wasilla at the local gym. Come on people, this isn't Hollywood. The fanciness level was just fine with me, we had a great time and watched the trailer about four times. Then afterwards the cast was brought onstage for introductions. This is the part that I hate. Anytime I'm in a group setting and someone inevitably brings up the fabulous idea of "Hey! How about we go around the room and introduce ourselves!", my stomach dislodges itself from my abdomen and takes place next to my heart in my throat. I can barely hear anything over the pounding of my heart, I don't know what my issue is. I know my name. I know where I'm from. This coming from a girl who would love to be in front of a camera, which for some reason doesn't bother me, but ask me my name and where I'm from and I lose all my shit.

Luckily, Dean introduced all of us, oh and I also put a Dum-Dum sucker in my mouth to deter any crazy ideas that my mouth may have of saying something out loud. Mission accomplished.

There was a couple sitting in front of us that had two small children, the youngest was probably around two years old. When the little boy wasn't looking his parents moved seats, a few rows back. Why? Hell if I know, but I would think that they would take their kid with them. The little boy is standing next to our seats looking lost and I looked down at him and said, "They left.". Right then, thankfully, someone came to his rescue and about that time I realized what I had done. I look over at my brother, who has melted into an unrecognizable blob, competely mortified by my choice of words and I then lost all composure. I tried to conceal my laughter, especially since I had no idea how this kid's vocabulary was and he very well could be telling his mother right at that second that the mean pregnant lady told him that his parents had abandoned him forever. I would then be removed from the film, therefore losing any chance I had at winning an award for Best Actress in a Miniscule Part of an Independent Film.

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