A Sunday Venture

Madison and I decided to take a walk to the park today. I thought I could lug my dog and my belly down the street with no problems. I was wrong.

Bocephus weighs roughly 500 pounds, my belly weighs roughly 100 pounds. Give or take a few hundred. He has been really well-behaved on walks lately so I assumed we could make the trek without putting his Halti on. God, I have really got to stop thinking for myself.

It was all fine until he realized we were out of vision of the house and then he went batshit. I could hardly hold on to him. His eyes crossed from all the excitement and he didn't know which way was up, sniffing every pissed on pole and rock along the way. We finally got to a park bench and I hooked his leash around it so that I could use my left hand to reattach my right arm. While Madison was playing we rested at the bench. Until the inevitable happened.

A well-behaved off-leash dog came bounding into the park. This dog was playing happily with its owners, fetching a ball like a normal canine. This pup didn't even care about my dog, didn't care that my dog was strangling himself trying to get a little closer. I endured the yelping and whining for about 15 minutes, I then gave myself a pep talk, "Get a hold of yourself Amber!". Bocephus never did settle down and I picked a moment when the other dog was out of sight to unclip his leash so I could get the hell out of that park.

All the way back home I let him know that he's damn lucky that I love him and would never punch him in his big ass mouth. He gave me a look that pretty much said he didn't give a shit. True love me and this dog.

Bocephus - Legendary Country Singer

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  1. Now I can't help but notice he refuses to actually sit on his ass.


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